Economist and businessman, Dr Kofi Amoah has bemoaned the manner in which some businesses in the country pay their employees ‘slave salaries’ at the end of the month.

Dr Amoah said it’s unfair that some of the businesses are making profits yet do not give their staff living wages.

According to him, employees must know their worth and decry such injustice meted out to them.

Additionally, he said business owners that can not pay living wages to any of their employees must go out of business.

“We should all become interested in the level of salary and wages that we pay to Ghanaian workers…we are paying slave wages.

“If someone is being paid ¢400 a month; they have to pay their own transport in and out when you calculate depending on where they live, the ¢400 half of it will be into transportation. They haven’t eaten lunch, they haven’t eaten breakfast,” he lamented.

As a businessman, Dr Amoah said he didn’t feel proud to be Ghanaian because of some of the inequality that exists in society.

According to the economist, he would rather everyone was rising to the top of the financial ladder while gaining opportunities in life.

“I would like to see Ghana rise in a meaningful way,” he said.

“In our society, I think the class structure is very bad, people like you and me, educated, we have a job, look at your suit, somebody’s monthly salary can not pay for that silk tie. It is not your fault, you deserve it, but why shouldn’t we allow other people to deserve it?” he quizzed.

That notwithstanding, Mr Amoah advised that as a country, the only way the situation can be rectified is to pass wages and salary policy that mandates employers to give their employees living wages.

In his view, “policy drives the success and progress of a nation. We have to understand what we need to do as a society and the kind of policy we must have that will create opportunities for people.”

And according to Dr Amoah, a good policy must make provisions for workers to have access to living wages and salaries to be able to take care of their families.

“What is the point in going to work every day but at the end of the month what they give you doesn’t make sense. we should all decry that kind of society.”

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