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As every new year approaches, people share their New Year resolutions and Pastors also make some declarations about the upcoming year.

This year has not been an exception as some Pastors have already made their declarations about 2022.

The Minister in charge of the Universal Gospel Centre which is located at Baakoniaba, a suburb of Sunyani, has declared 2022 as a year of progress and prosperity.

Pastor Patrick Adomako, therefore, advised Ghanaians to prioritise the national interest and contribute their quota
towards nation-building.

He said development required a coordinated and collective approach, and asked the populace to play their expected roles to ensure success.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Baakoniaba, Pastor Adomako condemned the politics of insults and acrimony, saying such attitudes could disturb national peace and drawback development.

He reminded the clergy that they remained the embodiment of peace and role models in society and urged them to guard against behaviours contrary to the teachings of God.

“Younger people must also respect the elderly to obtain God’s blessing and longer life,” he said and expressed worry over the rising moral decay among the youth in the country.

Pastor Samuel Kweku Asare of the Pentecost International Worship Centre in Sunyani also advised the youth against the “get-rich-quick syndrome,” urging them to work hard and reap the benefits.

In his New Year message, he said 2022 was full of prospects for the youth and asked them to work hard and put their trust in God in all endeavours, adding that God remained the source of true wealth and good success.

The Reverend Father Collins Opoku, the Priest at the Epiphany Anglican Church at Nkwabeng, advised the clergy to emphasise the doctrines of holiness and righteousness to impact and transform society.

Elder David Asare of the Maranatha Assembly of the Church of Pentecost at Nkwabeng advised Ghanaians against acts of corruption, which remained the bane of accelerated national development.

“Employees must be truthful and loyal to their employers to improve productivity at the workplaces,” he said

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