A man who is said to be an elder of the Church of Pentecost in the Sekreye East District of the Ashanti Region has died after he went into a well under construction to save another man.

Isaac Appiah, 47, was lowered into the well where a 36-year old man had suffered severe dehydration from the heat in the well believed to be 65 feet.

However, he also became a victim of the heat and grew too weak to hang onto the rope that was to pull them back.

Narrating the tragic story to myjoyonline.com, a resident in the Kwakwanua community explained that an NGO was funding the construction of the well.

The construction is however supervised by the District Assembly where Isaac Appiah is also a committee member.

On Monday afternoon, after digging several feet into the ground, the drillers hit the water bed. But after deciding the water level was not deep enough, a machine was brought in to suck out the water to permit deeper digging.

One of the two men down the pit complained of severe heat worsened by the drilling effect of the machine. After a struggle, he managed to get out leaving his colleague, Yaw behind.

According to Kennedy, Yaw looked very weak to come out by himself. Mr Appiah came onto the scene and was told about Yaw and his weak condition.

He asked that a rope is tied to his waist so he can go down and help get Yaw out of the well first. But after failed attempts to pull Yaw out, it became necessary for the Pentecost elder to get out of the pit.

But Mr Appiah, a father of seven children soon became very weak to help Yaw. The horrified workers watched on as Mr Appiah collapsed in the pit exhausted not long after being lowered into the pit.

Mr Appiah's attempt to save Yaw cost him his life.  Two bodies were later retrieved and deposited at a local health facility.