The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa has appealed to the Adaklu District Assembly to approve the President’s District Chief Executive nominee, Juliana Kpedekpo, when she is presented.

According to him, the district would not witness any meaningful development if it continues to lack a Chief Executive, which in effect would have a replicate effect on the work delivery of staff.

Addressing a staff durbar in Adaklu Waya, Dr. Letsa said “it is always my prayer that Adaklu Assembly members will resolve that they need a DCE for development, so that we have a DCE for this district as soon as possible.”

“We have had a new nomination [Juliana Kpedekpo] and I am sure the Coordinating Director has received the letter and I will in the next few days set a date for the endorsement. And this time when I come, I expect the Adaklu District Assembly members not to embarrass me the 5th time”, he appealed.

He explained that doubling as the Volta Regional Minister and acting DCE has been hectic considering his workloads, and hopes Adaklu gets its substantive DCE soon.

He added that the endorsement of the nominee as DCE would pave way for the Akufo-Addo-led-administration to pursue the development agenda for the area and ensure residents witness improved livelihoods.

“I am sure that when the staff also know that a political leadership is available, they will also feel more motivated to do their job”, he opined.

“I pray that we all support so that we have a DCE for Adaklu as soon as possible”, Dr. Letsa concluded.

The Adaklu District Assembly is one of the districts without a Chief Executive in the Volta Region, following the rejection of two nominees.

The immediate past DCE, Phanuel Kadey and Bright Nyatsikor were rejected on two occasions each by the assembly members.

Juliana Kpedekpo who is the third to be nominated at the DCE for Adaklu is hoping she gets the bid to fill the vacant position and lead the government’s development agenda for the district.

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