But for the intervention of the police, supporters of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters and that of the opposition National Patriotic Party (NPP) would have clashed at the Kumasi Airport as the President arrives for Asantehene's 15th anniversary celebrations.

The NDC supporters claim the NPP were at the airport to hoot at the president. Controversy hit President John Mahama after he is claimed to have said some people in Kumasi will always be ungrateful no matter what government does for the region.

The president is in Kumasi to grace the 15th anniversary of the coronation of the Asantehene, Otumufo Osei Tutu II on Sunday.

Earlier in the afternoon, the NDC claimed they have gathered some intelligence which gives credence to the fact that the NPP in Kumasi is going to embark on a number of activities to cause disaffection for the president.

Both groups camped at the airport since afternoon.

Police avert NPP-NDC clash as President arrives for Akwasidae

But the NPP group claimed they had amassed at the airport to welcome Rebecca, wife of their 2012 flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo.

Luv FM's Erastus Donkor reported that to avoid imminent clashes, the police designated supporters of both political parties to opposite sides.

Rebecca Akufo-Addo arrived to a rousing welcome as party fanatics followed her convoy leaving the NDC supporters to wait for the president.

President John Mahama later arrived in the regional with partisan fanfare accompanying his convoy.


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