The Ghana Police Service called for a probe into the assault of an alleged suspect in police custody.

Amateur footage which surfaced on social media on Tuesday shows a young man being tortured as he sits handcuffed on the floor.

The swollen-faced 30-year-old suspect is reported to have conspired with another person in an attempt to murder his father.

This allegation seems to have infuriated the police officers who are seen slapping the suspect, Stephen Gyedu.

When attempting to explain how the incident ensued, the alleged officers land slaps on his face and mouth intermittently while forcing answers out of him.

The voices of a male and female are the loudest amid the group torturing the suspect.

Over the past 24 hours, this video has raised concerns on social media about the treatment of persons in police custody.

It is, however, unclear which exact police command supervised the incident.

The Police have, in a statement, condemned how the officers handled the alleged suspect.

The Police Professional Standards Bureau has been tasked to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident “report its findings of the investigation to the Police Administration for any disciplinary measures against anybody found culpable.”

“The Police Administration would like to remind personnel of the service always to be guided by the fundamental human rights of all persons and act in accordance with the law,” the post added.