A video of how the Ghana Police Service retrieved items stolen by the suspected Volta secessionists has surfaced.

A company of policemen is seen marching through a pathway in a bush with a man suspected to be a member of the secessionist group to where he had buried the rifles.

The items including [at least] two rifles wrapped in a black plastic bag were dug out of the ground where they had been hidden.

The Ghana Police Service in September disclosed that it had retrieved some items including weapons and vehicles stolen by the secessionists.

This was after a simultaneous attack was launched by the group on two Police stations in Aveyime and Mepe.

So far 31 persons have been arrested in connection with the crime.

Subsequently, another group attacked the Ho STC yard and burnt two out of 11 buses parked in the yard.

The police have urged calm and have assured Ghanaians that they have the situation under control.

Meanwhile, government says secessionist groups and their activities will not be tolerated in the country despite suggestions to deal amicably with them.