Senior Researcher and Fellow at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research, Dr John Amuasi

Lecturer at the School of Public Health of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) says ruling governments must use politics in the fight against Covid-19 positively.

Dr John Amuasi said politics play an important role in policy making, therefore, must be used positively to reduce the negative impact of the pandemic on the country .

“It is very important at all levels of government: whether it’s the Executive, the Legislature, or even the Judiciary,” he said.

He was speaking on the Super Morning Show where he noted that politics and policy making are two inseparable elements, however, the wrong use of politics in policy making can result in dire consequences.

“Politics play an important role because it takes a government to make policies to fight the virus in the sense that, the mandate to ensure the health of the public leans on governments.

He, therefore, has urged ruling governments to make Covid-19 related policies in the best interest of the public, rather than that of political ambition.

“Decisions around lockdowns, restrictions of movements, legislation around the wearing of masks, etc are taken by government. And all this really is public health or public policy. It does have a component of politics in the midst and we can’t separate politics from public health.

“However, the question is how do we put in the mix in such a way that rather will promote public health and do not push down public health,” he said.

He said governments must make policies that promote public health rather than those that will endanger the lives of the citizenry.

This comes on the back of an admission by US President Donald Trump that despite knowing how the dangers of Covid-19, he chose to downplay it.

A book written by UK based investigative journalist Bob Woodword revealed that Donald Trump deliberately downplayed the coronavirus [at its initial stages] although he knew how deadly it was.

Mr Trump has justified his action with a claim that he did it in order to avoid public panic.

But Mr Amuasi speaking on JoyFM’s Super Morning Show on the role of politics in the fight against Coivd-19 said politics in decision making must be used in the best interest of the public.

“Policy making does have a component of politics. There’s always politics in the midst. And we can’t separate politics from public health,” he said.

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