Lt. General J.B Danquah, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) of the Ghana Armed Forces, has advised the youth to pursue agriculture because it is a rewarding enterprise.

He therefore urged school authorities not to use weeding as form of punishment because it is major component in agricultural business.

Lt. General Danquah called for measures to be put in place to make agriculture more attractive for the youth to go into other than training them to depend on “white collar” jobs alone, which could not move the national economy forward.

Addressing the 50th anniversary of the Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary on Tuesday, the CDS stressed the need for senior high institutions to promote interest in agricultural business in the students.

Lt. General Danquah cited the 2007 best national farmer, who is a medical doctor, as an example that agriculture was a rewarding enterprise.

He told the students that the future survival in the labour market depended largely on skills.

The CDS told the students that many brains had been nurtured by the school and they owed it a duty to the school to excel in their professional endeavours in future as the pioneers had done in the service of the nation.

He praised the founders of Pope John School, who found it prudent to establish the school that had nurtured the young men including himself into responsible adults to contribute their quota to the national development.

On behalf of the old boys of the school in the Ghana Armed Forces, Lt. General Danquah donated a citation and a bouquet to the school to serve as a reminder for hard work and commitment to the current crop of students.

Source: GNA