Government Statistician, Professor Samuel Kobina Annim, has emphasised that data collection and counting during the 2021 Population and Housing Census will last for 15 days.

Speaking at the launch of the event, dubbed Census Night, Sunday, at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Professor Annim said it is essential for everyone in the country to not miss the opportunity to get counted.

“The 2021 Population and Housing Census is an all-inclusive activity. What that means is that it is a national activity, a non-partisan and non-discriminatory activity.”

“Irrespective of your religious affiliation, your ethnic background, irrespective of all your demographic characteristics, education, whether a Ghanaian or otherwise, the 2021 population and Housing Census say you count, get counted.”

The Ghana Statistical Service has targeted for enumeration, travelers, people who sleep on the streets (rough sleepers), and guesthouse/hotel guests as it commences the 2021 Census, Sunday, June 27.

The Service had stated that the population census is needed to aid in the recovery and development of the economy and future planning. 

The Service sent some enumerators ahead of the launch to mark lands, houses among others to help with the counting exercise.

Speaking at the launch, Prof Annim said that enumerators encountered challenges in areas where there were land disputes and with people who are yet to be convinced of the significance of the census.

“We are urging all persons in Ghana to cooperate with our enumerators, this exercise on the average will take about 45 minutes, and once this is done your data will be captured and all your characteristics will inform decision making,” he stated.

The Statistician said that despite the challenges faced so far, the Service has gathered encouraging data which shows that they are on the path to obtaining the right data to inform the country’s development policies.

“The night we are celebrating is done every 10 years. If we miss this opportunity it is going to take us another 10 years. To the public we request for your sustained commitment into the process,” Prof Annim added.