A pregnant woman and five others have reportedly been attacked by some land guards during a funeral ceremony at Apam in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region.

Five persons including a clan head are currently receiving treatment at the Apam Hospital following the attack on Sunday.

Reports reaching JoyNews indicate that about 35 land guards from Ashaiman were hired to terrorise the youth in Apam and disrupt a funeral ceremony that was ongoing.

The attacks angered many residents who were around, leading to a clash between the land guards and some Apam residents.

Recounting the unfortunate incident, 2018 best fisherman, Appiah Bonsu who had his finger cut stated that the supposed hired land guards arrived on motorbikes and without provocation, started attacking persons present at the funeral grounds.

“Yesterday, we were informed that some persons on motorcycles. They were about 30 to 35 people on the motorbikes who came to Apam. It was no joke. We thought the deceased was a motorist that was why these people moving about.

“But we noticed that they started attacking any person who passed in front of them. They even attacked a pregnant woman at the station. We were told about the incident and we thought the police would be able to handle the matter,” he narrated.

According to him, some residents were contacted by the police for support after being unsuccessful in bringing calmness to the matter.

“When the police went to the scene, they were unable to control the uproar. So some of the youth around were called by the police since they could not check the land guards. When we arrived at the scene, it wasn’t an easy matter. We later told the youth to retreat and we the elderly went to address the matter.

“We taught them that indeed they are no match for us. They attacked the clan head who was presiding over the funeral ceremony,” he added.

Meanwhile, the motorbikes used by the land guards have been confiscated by the Apam Police after they fled the scene.

Also, one of the victims, clan head Kwesi Arthur is urging the local police to arrest the said perpetrators and ensure justice is served.

“They need to apprehended so that a similar event like this does not happen in the future,” he added.

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