Authorities at the Kumasi Central Prisons have initiated investigation into alleged sale of narcotic by some officers at the facility.

The command says it has taken serious note of the report which officials say has demoralized personnel due to the negative implication on the service.

A former inmate at the Kumasi Central Prison spilt the beans on alleged brisk business on narcotics by prison officers at the blank side of authorities.

Staff Officer at the Kumasi Central Prisons, Supt. Amos Kwabena Antwi, however, tells Nhyira FM the investigation will exonerate officials of any wrongdoing.

The former inmate, who was remanded between March and April last year, alleged, among others, that prison officers sell narcotics through cell leaders.

He challenged prison authorities to invite him for more revelations about alleged corrupt practices of prison officers.

He said the officers have taken advantage of security lapses at the gate to perpetrate their activities.

Even before investigation begins, prison authorities have intensified screening of both inmates and officers before they enter the yard.

Two inmates have since been arrested for possessing narcotics and other contraband goods at the prisons.

Superintendent Antwi warned any officer found culpable would be dealt with according to service rules.

Meanwhile, a Kumasi circuit court has remanded into custody an inmate who concealed a quantity of compressed dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp in charcoal.

Kwabena Kesseh, serving a 7-year-jail term for rape, outwitted prison guards and concealed the items in a sack-load of charcoal.

Police say the dried leaves would be sent for forensic test.

Credit: Ohemeng Tawiah/Nhyira Fm/Ghana


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