The Tema Metropolitan Authority’s (TMA) building officials and task force have undertaken an inspection exercise at construction sites within Community One in the Tema Municipality to demand building permits from developers or stop them from working.

The TMA Team building officials are mandated to conduct periodic inspections on new and existing buildings, investigate complaints regarding safety requirement, ensure that developers construct in accordance with the building code and where necessary investigate complaints of violations of the local zoning bylaw.

The TMA Municipal Building Inspector, David Akotey Mensah, told the Ghana News Agency in Tema after the tour that the purpose of the inspection was to make sure that developers adhered to rules governing the construction industry.

“We inspect the building, find out whether developers have the requisite documentation or not.

“Based on the outcome of the initial investigation at the site, we either ask the developer to stop work and produce permit or bring their documents to the office for processing.

“After due process and approval, the developer would be given permission with the necessary permit to proceed with the construction,” he added.

Mr Mensah said the site visit was also to ensure that developers conform to the building permits granted

“You cannot be given a permit to construct 1-floor storey-building then you go and put up 5-floor storey-building that is a clear violation of the law”.

According to him, it was the responsibility of building officials to review permit applications for compliance in conformity with the state building code.

The Team Leader of the Tema Metropolitan Task Force, Armah Laryea, advised developers to make enquiry from the Assembly before putting up a building.

Mr Laryea, therefore, encouraged developers to seek permission from the Assembly before constructing any projects in the community.

“We must be the first point of call anytime you conceive the idea of putting up any structure, the Assembly’s Works Department has qualified Quantity Surveyor to value the building permit for the payment of appropriate fees.

“If you cut corners to put-up a building, one day, the law will deal with you, and you will pay at a higher cost; sometimes the structures are demolished. Let us do the right thing,” he added.