Pumpkins Foundation, a child-focused organisation has called for more investment in children to ensure that the future of the country is secured.

In a press release, the group stated that the actors of society must be held accountable for the protection of the rights of the Ghanaian child.

“On National Children’s day today, the Pumpkins Foundation salutes every child of the land with a call for massive support in all sectors for the benefit and development of our future leaders as this is what will determine where we are headed as a country”.

“In our efforts to help children to reach their full potential while empowering them to be agents of change to help their own, we are hopeful that our future leaders would begin to look out for themselves and work together in an effort to break and bridge the barriers of discrimination among them,” the statement read.

This is the 41st celebration of Ghana National Children’s Day, which is marked on August 31.

According to Pumpkins Foundation, “the day also seeks to raise awareness on the status of the Ghanaian child, while challenging stakeholders to develop programmes that would enhance the situation of children in the country”.

They pledge continuous their quota as part of their core values in promoting and supporting child development and wellbeing through empowerment programs.

These programs focus on forging a more compassionate network of all future generations, irrespective of their background.

The statement called on all Ghanaians, home and abroad to join in the august celebration.

They further asked for the provision of safety, love and suport for young people especially withing this Covid-19 era as it will help them realise their potential.

As a child-focused organisation, the Pumpkins Foundation continues to dedicate its work to the promotion of the general wellbeing of all children, especially the poor and needy ones, their families and the communities in which they live.