Abdul Rahman Baba has been a part of the Schalke squad for around six weeks now, and is really getting to grips with things.

Schalke04.de caught up with the Ghana international to discuss the loss to FC Köln, the current Bundesliga table situation, his friend and former team mate Gerald Asamoah, and the Royal Blue fans.

the defeat against 1. FC Köln:

I am very disappointed that we lost. We all gave everything and we did not play as badly as the result suggests. But the goals we conceded were a result of poor defending on our part. Going forward, we have to be focussed and work hard to improve as a team.

… the current position in the league table:

We need points, that much is obvious. Despite the recent bad results, I am staying positive. We know that we have a lot of quality through the squad and we get fantastic support from our fans. There have been wholesale changes here over the summer on and off the pitch, and it needs a bit of time for everything to come together. I can promise now without question that I will give absolutely everything for this club.

… Gerald Asamoah:

He gave me a lot of help in my first few weeks. We have known each other quite a while, ever since we played together in Fürth. If I ever have the chance I go and visit him and we have a meal together. He is always entertaining to be around – Asa is a brilliant guy and I am proud that I am wearing his old shirt number here at Schalke.

… the Schalke fans:

Although the fans in Augsburg were amazing, I must say that I have never experienced atmospheres like the ones I have here.


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