Labour market must invest in technical skills for staff

Human Capital Specialist and Chief Executive of OML Africa, Anita Wiafe-Asinor is urging employers to re-strategise and introduce capacity building training for employees through skills in modern technology.

According to her, the new normal has opened up opportunity for the use of modern technology, hence the need to have regular skills training for staff.

Speaking at a Human Capital Webinar by accounting and auditing firm,  Deloitte, to discuss the future of work, post covid 19 pandemic, Anita Wiafe Asinor said “skills are important and again it’s not about qualification but making your staff able to adapt to the technology that you’re going to use, for instance if you’re in manufacturing, there will be the need for the use of robots or any other modern technology for operations during lockdown”.

“Every organization at that level must have a dedicated staff with the skills to operate the robot and other machines that may be needed on the field, that is the future of work we are having now” she noted.

The webinar which was addressed by some key human resource personalities with Deloitte and other International brands seeks to engage the labor market on the need for an adjustment into the new normal.

In corroborating the point, Head of Human Capital at Deloitte Africa, Maharaj Pam said firms must make an effort to humanize the future of work by setting the enterprise mindset, recognizing work as the biggest motivator for humans and reorienting from past performance to future potential.

Human Capital Leader for Deloitte West Africa, Joseph Olofinsola, advised organizations to equip themselves and develop their workforce to take advantage of the new normal, adding that “the future of work is now,” and that traditional jobs are increasingly becoming vulnerable as their relevance on the market wane.

The programme was under the theme “The future of work “transforming our work, workforce and workplace”.