Rapper Guru says it is unacceptable for the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) to expect artistes and right owners to register before receiving their royalties.

According to him, once the royalties are collected in the name of the right owners, GHAMRO should hand them over to funds without requesting a registration process.

In an interview with host Maame Boat on Adom TV, Guru said he has never been given royalties despite being in the music industry for years.

“If you can go round and collect royalties in my name and you cannot give it to me, then you have committed a crime. The taxes and monies being collected from hotels, pubs and other places are collected in my name, but I don’t get it,” he added.

The ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hitmaker noted that GHAMRO should instead look for the right owners eligible for the royalties and hand over what is due to them.

“I have never collected a dime; I don’t even know the president of the organisation. They don’t have to let us look for them…they have to rather look for us. We are doing the junkie work, and they are having a good time,” he added.

Guru revealed that because the music industry has opportunities artiste can tap into; he is not short of cash as many people have been presuming.

He stated that streaming, among others, has been aiding him to make money.

He also denied that he has stopped making music to focus on his real estate business.

“Music is one business that can fetch you money overnight. I am cashing out. I get paid daily due to streaming, but our royalties system is wrong. He said the structures or the people involved aren’t doing it well.


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