As I have had time to point out to Prof before, it is highly remarkable that we have persons of his calibre as a country and I particularly admire his energy and enthusiasm to help political and socio-economic discourse.

Unfortunately his write-ups are always so consumed by his parochial political and individual interests that it always denies some readers an opportunity to engage in any intelligent debate of his write-ups.

Take the piece under reference for instance. In his haste to nail a member of his opposing political party, he proceeds to make false statements, yet representing them as fact. I will proceed to write a more elaborate rejoinder, but just to point out a few.

  1. The government of Ghana has not and has never signed a $10bn dollar contract with a Korean firm. I will want to believe that as a Professor and one that spares no opportunity to trumpet his academic laurels, you’ll be the first to stick to facts just the same way that you will expect same from your students. Government has a $1.5bn agreement for the construction of 30,000 housing units across the country for use by personnel of our security services. That is the fact and the truth.
  2. I have always been amazed that descendants of the Danquah Busia tradition can proceed to LIE without any worry at all at being exposed. And your piece under reference just exposed that character trait, Prof. Yes, VP John Mahama on the instructions of his boss, the President led the discussions with the Koreans including the President of Korea towards securing the services of STX Korea which is working with a local company STX E&C Ghana Ltd. It is however a BIG LIE, our learned Professor to post on the www that the VP signed the agreement with STX. The Agreement with STX was approved by the parliament of Ghana on behalf of the good people of this country. The agreement together with the Engineering and Procurement Contract was executed by the Minister for Finance and his colleague in charge of Water Resources, Works and Housing in the presence of the Attorney General and Minister for Justice. You do not have to make false representations about a political opponent and its government to demonstrate how much to abhor them.
  3. You claim that STX is an unknown company. Well, it will be clear that your wide reading is limited to certain materials only and i will prefer to leave it there. Except to add that, the fact that you, Prof Ahoofe is unaware does not make the company an unknown one.
  4. You complain about why not use local companies. I will give you my views on that in my main response. But tell me, how many single rooms have been completed out of the millions of Ghana Cedis your friend, President Kuffuor released for the development of some supposed affordable houses in Accra and Kumasi over the 8-year period that he was president. And are you sure you understand the stx deal really and the involvement of local companies, GREDA etc?

    Stanislav DOGBE
    Office of the President
    The Castle
    Osu- Accra