The National Coordinator for Domestic Violence Legislation of Ghana has blamed the surge in domestic abuse against women on society’s reluctance in believing their reports.

Adolf Awuku-Bekoe said the reports of most victims of abuse are quickly dismissed, doubted or questioned, by society, stalling the process to get help for them.

This, he says, is “the highest injustice we can do to victims of violence”.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Home Affairs Saturday, he revealed to host Edem Knight-Tay that, society is especially quick to probe what the woman may have done to provoke physical abuse from her spouse.

He said such people may also demand to hear the other side of the story instead of condemning the violence.

However, Mr Adolf, who doubles as a clinical psychologist, said, “You do not need the other side in a toxic abusive relationship…who owns that story? It is the victim…especially when it is evidenced on her.”

The Home Affairs show, as a sequel to its conversation on Domestic Violence, discussed the hurdles in a victim’s path that make it difficult for her to seek respite.

Amongst other factors, Mr Awuku-Bekoe mentioned that the lack of proper structures such as shelters and effective processes in the country as contributing factors to women enduring abuse.

He also cautioned that in as much as men also endure domestic abuse, it must not be used to deflect the dire situation of abuse towards women.

“It is a very insidious way to water down the effect of men’s abuse to women,” he said.