The committee that investigated the circumstances resulting in the disaster is set to officially present its report to the transport minister.

Sources at the Ghana Maritime Authority indicate that the committee has pointed to overloading as the cause of the unfortunate incident.

The team led by the Ghana Maritime Authority spent three days speaking to survivors, families and canoe owners about the disaster to establish the cause.

There are indications some 93 people were on board the canoe which also carried hefty bags of salt, bamboo and other goods.

The committee also found that the boat had gone beyond the confluence of the Volta Lake and identified that the disaster occurred on the Sene River near Brong Ahafo.

Though by the time the canoe had reached the Sene River many people had offloaded, the weight in the canoe caused it to strike a tree stump over the river causing the it to capsize.

As a result, 21 people have been declared dead from drowning but one body is yet to be found. The committee report indicates that though the official search has ended, the Ghana Maritime Authority continues to monitor the situation.

In a related development, some residents along the Volta Lake are demanding a ban on the use of canoe for transport at night.