Some residents of Kasoa have called for the relocation of the Weija-Kasoa tollbooth.

This, according to them is a waste of productivity as they spend hours in long queues to pay GHS1 and 50 pesewas.

They contend that relocation of the tollbooth or its automation will help resolve the challenge.

“Sometimes you can stay here for 30 minutes or an hour before you can go. If they can do some expansion, I think it can help,” one resident told JoyNews.

A 2020 Facebook post with an account name ‘Remove Kasoa Toll Booth’ indicated similar concern.

Residents of Kasoa call for relocation of Weija-Kasoa tollbooth

Chairperson of the Tuba Taxi Drivers Association said the tollbooth is better-off relocated as it has stayed long overdue.

 He told JoyNews’ Maxwell Agbagba, “The tollbooth has been there for a very long time and it’s high time they move the tollbooth from the position it is not to another location.”

“A lot of us in the Central region use to work in Accra so during the morning at least from 5 am up to 10 am, the road is very busy and the traffic is so much that you can’t contain, there’s nowhere to pass,” he said.

He, however, called for police assistance in the area.

“We need help, we need policemen at the junction, those who will manage the traffic and those who can take care of the pedestrians.”

Meanwhile, traders on the stretch care less about the plights of the residents as they say the location is their source of livelihood.

To them, relocating the tollbooth means hectic moments for them and their businesses.

“It will affect us greatly because even most of the traders here are students who are using the means to cater for their education.”