The Office of the Special Prosecutor has been told to expect resources after Martin Amidu complained about a familiar story of underfunding anti-corruption institutions.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, responding publicly to the Special Prosecutor's public and official complainant, told Ghanaians in the U.S. that efforts are being made to satisfy Martin Amidu.

"Very soon all of you will see the office is functional," he assured as criticism mounts against his government's percieved feetdragging in fight political corruption despite great rhetoric.

He also said he has heard concerns that the Special Prosecutor has been slow in prosecution corruption despite President AkufoAddo's avowed commitment.

"People say aah the Special Prosecutor is too slow, we demand action so and so. I will tell him when I get back," the President said.

But the Special Prosecutor aware of growing public discontent has blamed the lack of activity on the Akufo-Addo government.

At the National Audit Forum organised by the Ghana Audit Service, he revealed his frustrations.

“I am saying this for the public to understand that we have set up an office. We have to organize that office, have the requisite personnel. It does not take one day.”

“The law says 90 days after the assumption of office of the Special Prosecutor, pursuant legislation must be enacted, but as I speak today, I have no legislation so I use my common sense,” the former Attorney-General said

You ask for information you can't get it, you ask for docket, the docket cannot be produced. You ask a minister for a record, the record cannot be produced. How do you fight corruption when those appointed by the president who has a vision are not coordinating with the Office of the Special Prosecutor to achieve his mandate?'

His outburst comes days after the Auditor-General Daniel Domelevo also publicly complained on behalf of his “friend.”

Since Amidu revealed his frustrations, sections of the Ghanaian public have criticised the government while IMANI Africa has gone as far as offer to raise funds to help the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The Attorney-General's office which ceded some of its prosecutorial powers to the Office of the Special Prosecutor has said responsibility of resourcing the office is with the Chief of Staff.

The Office of the Special Prosecutor is a creature of law under the Akufo-Addo government which believes giving prosecutorial powers to an independent body is the best way to fight corruption without the tag of political witchunting.

The President assented to the bill five days to the first anniversary of his government in January 2018.

But more than nine months since the office was created, no case has been filed in court by the Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu.


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