Safeguarding data and service security of CSPs

Faced with the radically evolving and highly damaging security threats, open, well-orchestrated and rapid threat detection, in-depth defence and timely service recovery have become a widely-accepted absolute necessity in the security industry.

Cloud service providers (CSPs) offer services for vast numbers of cloud tenants with different security requirements.

This makes it extremely difficult to rely solely on their own technical and service capabilities to protect tenant data and service security.

As a result, Huawei Cloud has gathered a broad, comprehensive group of security partners who can share their capabilities and thereby jointly provide security assurance for tenants.

Committed to building an open, collaborative, and mutually beneficial security ecosystem, Huawei Cloud is cooperating with industry-leading security partners, to provide cloud tenants with a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage security solution to address known and unknown security threats while safeguarding tenant data and ensuring service security.

Some protocols employed in the management of security solutions in the cloud security ecosystem;

  • Security technologies: Huawei Cloud collaborates with leading security partners to offer products and services in domains like host security, network security, data security, application security, and security management. Together with partners the Huawei cloud service has launched host intrusion detection, web application firewall, host vulnerability scanning, web page anti-tampering, and penetration test services which enhance the security detection, correlation, and protection capabilities.
  • Security consulting services: Huawei Cloud seeks close partnership with leading vendors in every major industry, striving to develop security solutions for industries such as finance, government, transportation, and manufacturing. In addition, Huawei works with solution partners throughout the world, to design industry-specific security solutions and business models to help accelerate industry-wide digital transformation.
  • Security ecosystem: Devoted to the healthy development of the cloud computing industry, not only does Huawei establish close partnerships in the fields of security technologies and consulting services, but also actively participates in and contributes to cloud security standards and open source communities. It also openly offers free infrastructure capabilities and security services to software and application developers.
  • Market opportunities: Huawei provides abundant opportunities and different types of technical support for security ecosystem partners. Firstly, the Cloud's security ecosystem partners can use its Cloud Marketplace to offer their products, solutions, and services, sharing the existing customer base and potential sales opportunities with Huawei Cloud. Utilizing the Marketplace and technical capabilities, partners can also become more effective with their sales, service delivery, and maintenance, and thereby reduce their operating expenses. Secondly, partners can deploy their services all over the world by riding on the Huawei Cloud network.  Outstanding partners also have the opportunity to obtain shared market leads and solutions recommended by the Cloud service during global business expansion. The Cloud service will soon open up these market resources to partners and help them develop new security products and solutions, achieving win-win for customers, partners, and assure customers' digital transformation. Last but not least, security partners will also have the opportunity to participate in myriad brand promotion events both online and in person, present products and solutions, and share customer success stories. As our corporation strengthens further, partners will also have the opportunity to participate in joint brand promotion events and release joint solutions to customers.
  • Technical support: The provision of several types of technical support for security partners enables them to carry out their cloud transformation strategies, helping them migrate their products and services to the cloud. Huawei Cloud opens up cloud service interfaces to partners so that they can develop and integrate security solutions for a much broader customer base, helping translate these solutions to customer value and partner success. Huawei Cloud will gradually offer up its security technology and security engineering capabilities to the community, sharing security experience and resources such as technical documentation, security standards, methodologies and workflows, and security testing, further enabling partners through security training, certification, open interfaces for development and integration.

Last but not least, the cloud service promotes security intelligence sharing under the umbrella of laws and regulations and also consent by customers and partners. Authorized partners can also receive free testing resources and trainings, and benefit from preferential business policies.

As security threats from an increasingly intelligent society emerge, Huawei will actively engage its security partners worldwide and work closely with them to create an open, collaborative, and win-win security ecosystem.

The cloud service will continue to deliver cloud security value-added services to bolster customer trust, sparing no effort to make progress in the cloud security industry, and effect positive changes in society as a whole.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.