The abandoned Saglemi housing project is fast becoming a grazing field for cattle. The pavements and parts of the 1,500 housing units have been overtaken by weeds.

Some of the weeds have grown tall to an extent of consuming parts of the building. The cattle feed on the weeds growing within the median of the buildings and its surroundings.

Cow dung littered on the dirty tarred roads is the first thing you see upon entering the abandoned site project which sits on a 300-acre land.

JoyNews checks reveal, some street lights yet to be connected to the national grid and mounted in front of the buildings are rusting and a drainage system is visible in between the tarred roads.

The housing project come in two categories. A two storey building with nine apartments each and another two bedroom self-contained apartment.

The rooms built in similar shapes and size consist of two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and a store room, a washroom and bathroom.

The floors in the fully tiled living rooms and bedrooms had a mixture of dirt and rainfall residue and spiders have laced their webs almost in all the rooms. The bathrooms and washrooms has standing showers and fully furnished water closets ready for use.

The cream and ash painting on the buildings are fading, due to perhaps being exposed to the vagaries of the weather.

The doors and the shutter windows were left open whilst some of the door handles of numerous rooms were broken. One thing that is conspicuously clear is, with each year passing the buildings continue to deteriorate.

The first phase of the project was commissioned by former President John Mahama in 2016. Since then, it has been left unused as government insists it is not fit for purpose.