Seen Monday, vanished Wednesday, houses hugging the coastline in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region are being eaten by the appetite of an unchained sea.

JoyNews’ Volta regional correspondent, Ivy Setordjie has reported that in Salakope and Agavedzi, houses she saw two days ago are no more. Some have only the battered and exposed foundations, the memory of a building that once stood.

Residents within these predominantly fishing communities say the ocean’s tide has grown so strong in worsening ways, they don’t recall ever witnessing.

“About 120 houses and over 500 people have been rendered homeless today [Thursday]. The situation is getting worse according to residents,” the reporter added.

Ketu Tidal rage

As the rainy season intensifies, the level of Volta river rises and drains into the sea whose waves now barge into the communities ferociously.

At least 200 families are now homeless as the sea drew a fresh shoreline. For some, tidal waves-induced homelessness is not the first time.

"We are homeless again without any help from authorities,” a stranded resident told the reporter.

Ketu Tidal rage

At places like Akplorwotorkor in the Anloga district, an entire community has been wiped out.

A complete takeover of Agavedzi and Salakope communities is only a matter of time and a number of tidal waves, the residents brace for the worst.

At the moment they face a humanitarian crisis. There is the need for shelter, food and clothing as many have lost their properties.

But they say, if this trend of tidal battering is to assuage, they really need a sea defence wall.

MCE for Ketu South, Elliot Edem Agbenorwu, confirmed this need. “It's sad to see my people in this bad condition. I am pleading with the government to urgently respond to our cries,” he said.

Ketu Tidal rage

There is a €41m sea defence wall in Keta. Construction commenced in 2000 and ended in 2014. It protects communities like Anyanui, Atorkor and Dzita.

But calls for its extension have been growing since its completion. There was a 2015 plan by government to extend the shield to places like Xorvi, Kedzi and Blekusu.

The sea is believed to have claimed more than one-and-a-half miles of the 550km coastline in recent years.