Officials of the West Africa Examination Council are hell bent on publishing the final batch of pictures of students alleged to have taken part in examination malpractices, despite protests from affected students.

WAEC, last week splattered the pages of the Daily Graphic with pictures of some students alleged to have engaged in varying degrees of examination malpractices in the recent SHS examinations.

Incensed with the action, a group, the Ghana Youth Movement has petitioned the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) over the conduct of the examination council.

A Spokesperson of the group, Agyemang Prempeh said the publication was a blatant violation of the student’s rights as minors.

He said he was surprised to have seen the pictures of the affected students, some of who he alleged were below the age of 18, when the initial arrangement was to have their names alone published.

Describing the examination malpractice as a “small crime,” Prempeh did not understand why the identities of some British girls convicted for drug offences were hidden because they were minors, only for Ghanaian examination ‘fraudsters’, minors he said, to have their faces splashed in newspapers.

He prayed CHRAJ will come to their aid.

But before the human rights body will come to the rescue of the students, Frederick Selby, Director of Legal Affairs at WAEC said the second batch of the students will be published.

He argued that the rules of the examination council have been spelt out, and the affected students will not go unpunished.

Mr. Selby denied categorically, that the faces published were minors, adding, legal action will also be taken against the culprits.

He said the examination council expends huge sums of monies in security, hoping the punitive measure will deter prospective examination fraudsters.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/