Security Analyst, Dr. Kwesi Annin, has asked security agencies to accelerate their operations to apprehend the persons causing mayhem in the Volta Region.

Speaking on Joy News’ AM Show today, Tuesday, September 29, 2020, he advised that intelligence deployed to the area be relentless in hunting perpetrators.

“When you raise your hand against the State and its representatives, the response normally is that you are hounded down, not by the Police but by the Armed Forces.

When an armed group carries out an attack or a set of actions against the State, the State’s routine operational response is to use overwhelming force to crash that group or to demonstrate that it has the capacity, first to protect itself and its citizens but more importantly, that no one could oppose an existential threat to its credibility,” he said.

His contributions follow the continuous violence in Volta Region by suspected members of the separationist group, Western Togoland Restoration Front, with latest attacks being on the State Transport Corporation (STC) bus terminal in the regional capital, Ho.

The attack, which saw unidentified men fire gunshots before proceeding to assault drivers of the buses, has left one of the buses set on fire and another damaged.

One of the assaulted drivers narrated his ordeal to Joy News.

“I was sleeping in the bus when I heard the first gunshot. The back window of the bus got broken and I woke up to check what was happening. That was when the second gunshot was fired.

“The bus caught fire immediately I jumped out of the bus to get a better perspective, but before I could take any action, someone pointed a gun to my head and asked that I lay on the ground.

“I knelt down, begging them to not kill me. I fled when they turned to the security man to demand for the keys”.

He also explained that he only saw two men, but suspects that there could be more.

While there has been no record of severe injuries following the attack, members of the community have been left in shock and are pleading with government to tighten security in the area to ensure that the attacks do not persist.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Mr. Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa says though security deployment in the communities involved is welcomed, the previously arrested persons are not the real perpetrators of the crime.

“We want the real elements picked up and apprehended in the process. That is what will build some confidence and rest assure us that this threat is receiving the level of seriousness and attention that it deserves,” he said.