A joint security team deployed into the Oti Region specifically at the Ketsi border outpost in the Jasikan district has destroyed a newly constructed footbridge after all unapproved routes into the country were identified and manned.

The joint security team made up of officers from the police service, the military and the Ghana Immigration Service moved in to cut Ghana’s part of the bridge linking it to Togo.

The action JoyNews is learning has infuriated the Togolese counterparts who use the footbridge.

They have threatened to deal with the security team in charge of the border outpost who destroyed the unapproved route.

JoyNews upon observing the footbridge can conclude that this bridge has been newly constructed as the woods used are still fresh.

The footbridge, JoyNews can also confirm is not just for the foot but can allow tricycle movements.

It is however unclear whether the intentions of those who constructed the bridge were to allow for non-Ghanaians to move in to get their names onto the electoral roll or not.

But, it is the suspicion of the security personnel manning the border outpost that it could mainly be used to smuggle cocoa especially since the area is dotted with a number of cocoa farms.

At other unapproved routes, JoyNews observed that trees have been felled across the river separating the two countries. This makes it impossible for anyone to get easy access.

The destruction has become necessary because the officers who interacted with JoyNews off camera say there are not enough men to be stationed at these unapproved routes.