The Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, says the role played by SUBAH Infosolutions in the arrest of some 17 suspects for SIMbox fraud must be properly clarified.

According to him, the claim that SUBAH single-handedly caused the arrest unsupported, actually betrays the efforts of the other institutions which played key roles in the operation.

Speaking on Peace FM's morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, the veteran journalist said “the telcos also played a role; it was a collective network – a corporate strategy. SUBAH just appeared to have the equipment which helped in the bust.”

He said, even though the role SUBAH played cannot be ignored, the company cannot equally take all the credit for the bust.

Former president of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), Dr Alexander Tweneboah together with some other people were last Monday arrested for their involvment in the activities of SIMbox fraudsters.

Dr Tweneboah, according to the police, has admitted committing the crime and confessed to owning the equipment used in the illegal activities.

In the wake of the bust, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper has called on Ghanaians to applaud SUBAH Infosolutions for its role, one he deemed crucial to the bust. 

But the comments together with claims by the company itself of its role in the arrest have condemned as a PR gimmick designed to save the company's face after negative media publications last year, suggesting that it had failed to completely execute a contract it entered into with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

The company, which is also a subsidiary of Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, was contracted in 2010 by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to provide telecommunication traffic monitoring services and is reported to have been paid a sum of GHȻ144 million over the period for doing little or no work.

The company was expected to monitor and verify the volume of calls generated by telecom companies for tax purposes but could not fully carry out its task – for which it was paid.

It blamed its inability to effectively satisfy the terms of the contract on the telecommunication companies' unwillingness to allow it undertake its task. Many civil society organisations described the contract between SUBAH and the GRA as needless and a mere conduit to divert money from the state.

Following this week's arrest of SIMBox fraudsters, police and some public officials have been at pains to stress the role played by the company in the arrest.

Some have, however, described the happenings as curious because long before SUBAH was involved in any work for the state, SIMBox operators were being arrested and prosecuted.

It was, therefore, surprising that the latest arrests were being attributed to the work of SUBAH Infosolutions.

Speaking on the matter, Malik Baako said government must give the public information on the current status of the SUBAH contract. This way, people will be convinced about what they are doing, he said..

“Let the people see the positive things that are happening,” he pointed out.