Social media users have taken to various platforms to condemn the driver of a VIP bus for actively using his phone while driving.

The driver who was taking passengers on a journey to Kumasi in a VIP bus with registration number GR 9922 15 is seen in a trending video chatting on WhatsApp and making phone calls while transporting passengers.

Commenting on the video on Facebook, some Ghanaians said the act is among the little but dangerous causes of road accidents in the country.

Over the years, road accident has become a national concern with the constant loss of lives.

According to provisional data compiled by the Motor traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), about 2,284 lives were lost as a result of road accidents in 2019.

This was a significant increase from the 2,020 deaths recorded in 2018.

Eight months into 2020, the year has recorded a number of accidents with some reckless drivers found culpable including one in the Dompoase road crash which claimed some 34 lives being jailed.

Although drunk-driving, overspeeding, and overtaking have all been cited as contributing factors to road accidents, the use of mobile phones while driving is of great concern.

In view of this, JoyFM and the Multimedia Group continues to advocate for safety on our roads with its ‘Arrive Alive’ campaign.