Solar energy has been suggested as the cheapest alternative source of energy generation for Ghana in resolving its energy crisis relative to hydro and thermal power production.

So why can’t Ghana use solar as a solution to the energy crisis?

Speaking on Joy News’ News Desk on MultiTV, Executive Secretary of the Energy Commisson, Dr. Alfred Ofosu Ahenkora, explained that, the main source of solar energy is the sun which is only available between the hours of 9am and 4pm daily. This he said, makes insufficient for the purpose of power generation, but it can however, be harnessed by a solar photo phone funnel, a storage device which can connect the solar energy to individual homes.

He added that, solar energy on a mass scale will not support a base load (i.e electricity), which is available 24 hours without interruption. This however implies that solar energy cannot completely replace the electricity use.

Dr. Ofosu Ahenkora further explained that the implementation of solar energy use is a gradual process and needs much preparation.

He says the commission is putting measures in place to come out with a scheme to help individuals have access to the solar energy, to be installed on the roofs of homes.

The scheme, according to Dr. Ofosu Ahenkora,  is expected to be out within a year. Cost, availability of resources and most reliable technology are the major expectations of the scheme.

He added that the Commission has so far made provisions to implement the wind farm method of generating energy. He said licenses have been issued to three groups after thorough assessment to undertake this task. This, he said will commence soon.

Apart from the solar and wind farm sources, he also hinted that bio mass and oil are other alternative ways of generating energy that are being considered in addition to gas and hydro that Ghana currently uses.

Meanwhile solar energy expert robert wood is suggesting that people in Ghana who have the financial power, to invest in Solar energy. “In two or three years time solar will be cheaper than gas because there is a new system coming that is called 3 dimensional solar", he said.

Speaking on NewsDesk, Engineer Wood said investigations indicate that there are places in Ghana where you can get up to 2,300 watts per square meter; which is more than twice what Germany can access and the solar energy is not expensive.

He said we have a bigger advantage over those countries who are far away from the equator, "ghana needs a comprehensive national development agenda"