Some people in Nigeria have broken into warehouses where all the Covid-19 relief items are being kept.

In videos making rounds on social media some angry people were seen walking in and out of the warehouses packed with food, medicine, nose masks and many other items.

They believe the items marked not for sale or for Covid-19 were meant to be given to the people to help minimise the impact of the novel virus on their lives.

The people are seen in the videos making away with anything they want from the warehouses.

However, many Nigerians including celebrities have condemned the act.

Others, who commented, couldn’t believe such food items were being kept in a warehouse while many were begging for food on the streets of Nigeria.

Some people also alleged that the government may have wanted to use it to win vote in their next election in 2023.

Others who are not buying into that theory also questioned what the leaders had intended to use the items for.