Executive Director of Savanah Women Integrated Development Agency (SWIDA), Alima Saed, has revealed that some religious leaders are making the fight against early child marriage worse.

A situation, she described as worrying which needs to be tackled as quickly as possible before it gets out of hands.

“We all know child marriage is sin under the constitution which the country is fighting to eliminate but now some religious leaders who are in of this bad practice are quoting scriptures to make their point more strong” she added.

Alima Saed explained that apart from hardship, cultural backgrounds which were some of the things known to because of child marriage is changing because her outfit went to Damango for sensitisation on child marriage.

It came to the fore that some religious leaders were referring to verses in the Quran and in Bible to explain why their girl child should give to a man to marry at an early age.

“We do a lot of community works, so sometimes we meet a lot of people, and they will quote verses from both the Quran and the Bible to justify why their girl child who is below age should marry.”

Some religious leaders quote scriptures to support child marriage – NGO reveals

The Executive Director of SWIDA added that the last time they were in Danmango for a programme some religious leaders, due to their selfish interest, quoted scripture from either the Quran or the Bible to support their claims.

“If you go to such people with the law, it may backfire because it the Constitution against religion and cultural believes.

“There should be a forum where we will get scholars from both religions to counter them with scriptures to help deal with the situation.”

She said this when World Vision Ghana and Girls, not Brides-Ghana, held a forum to undertake data harmonisation on child marriage.

The SWIDA Executive Director further added that even though several CSOs are championing the cause against child marriage it is still a growing trend.

This development she said is due to lack of coordinated figures to champion the course.