Therapeutics, based in Southern California, has developed eco-friendly solutions for sustainable food and active ingredient manufacturing through precision fermentation.

The biosynthesis company, which is dedicated to developing ethically produced, environmentally friendly products for human health, has successfully developed a number of food tech prototypes using its next-generation synbio and precision fermentation platforms.

Among them is the ability to produce ingredients at a low cost while leaving a small carbon footprint.

In addition, the company is seeking partnerships and collaborations in order to implement new scalable manufacturing methods for its customers’ products.

CB Therapeutics’ solutions, as an innovation hub, have also allowed it to rapidly expand its IP portfolio in highly competitive fields such as psychedelics and cannabinoid biosynthesis, bioinformatics, and other technologies.

Dr. Jacob Vogan, CSO of CB Therapeutics, told JoyNews‘ Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen via Zoom that the biotechnology firm has developed a powerful, fast, and portable platform for generating a wide range of ingredients and products.

According to Dr. Vogan, the company has a strong precedent in the nutraceutical and clinical research spaces due to its work in cannabinoid and psychedelic medicine.

He said the platform can address even broader supply chain issues in a sustainable manner.

CB Therapeutics has used scalable precision fermentation to create animal-free proteins, fats, colorants, flavors, aromas, and much more in the lab.

Southern California Based-CB Therapeutics develops eco-conscious solutions through precision fermentation

According to CEO Sher Ali Butt, this is an exciting time for biotech and biomanufacturing.

Mr. Butt stated that the company has the personnel and equipment needed to produce bioidentical, animal-free proteins, peptides, fats, flavor compounds, and vitamins that are traditionally found in animal-based foods.

The company process also allows for improved products, such as de-allerginizing proteins and peptides or enriching products with vitamins, antioxidants, and other health-promoting nutrients.

CB Therapeutics is enthusiastic about alternative animal products, which include alternatives to dairy, meat, and seafood.

Other food technologies that excite the company include enriched food products with nutrients and aromas, cheese composition, and associated microorganisms.

CB Therapeutics said its expertise in synthetic genomics and bioengineering has advanced its proprietary production platform of microorganisms, enzymes, and production processes significantly.

After more than four years of development, the CB Therapeutics team stated that they are proud to produce a wide range of phytochemicals faster, with fewer resources, at higher yields, and with greater purity, consistency, and efficiency than competing platforms.

CB Therapeutics is based in southern California, where they have a new 16,000 square foot fully-licensed commercial batch facility.