The Minority Chief Whip in Parliament, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak has revealed that the Speaker of Parliament has been written to by the Attorney General to provide information on the procurement of some 200 ambulances during the Mills and Mahama administrations.

Alban Sumana Bagbin was the Health Minister when the procurement of the ambulances occurred.

The said procurement is currently at the centre of a legal dispute between the Attorney General, Godfred Dame and the then Deputy Finance Minister, Cassiel Ato Forson.

Godfred Dame has charged Cassiel Ato Forson and two others of causing a €2.3 million loss to the state as a result of the procurement.

The three defendants have pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, Muntaka Mubarak admitted that the Speaker has been formally asked to provide information on the procurement.

He, however, is convinced that this is only one of the many tactics being used by the Majority side to intimidate and bully the Minority into kowtowing to their demands especially where the e-levy is involved.

According to him the sleuth of legal cases against Parliamentary Members from his side is only being engineered by the ruling government to intimidate them.

“If anybody tells me this is not a strategy to intimidate us for example, today Collins was in court. So if he was in court and we were voting, what’s going to happen?” he said.

Despite the challenges his side is facing in Parliament, the Asawase MP says his party members are now much closer and poised to resist the e-levy at all cost.

“And I’m saying that whether fortunate or unfortunate, that is rather gluing us together,” he said.

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