A leading member of the NDC government, Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, has posed a rhetorical question, demanding to know if dismissed Dr Sekou Nkrumah “is the most incompetent appointee” serving in the two-year Mills administration.

On Thursday, July 15, President Mills relieved Dr Sekou Nkrumah of his duties as National Youth Council Boss, citing “incompetence and lack of vision” as reasons for his dismissal.

It came just days after Ghana’s independence leader, Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s third son, publicly criticised the leadership style of the President, suggesting the former law lecturer may be good in the lecture halls but is “too weak” to lead a nation.

The comments, which were first published by the Africa Watch magazine, have attracted several condemnations from spokespersons to the President, with some replying Sekou with a similar dose of harsh words.

But, drawing strength from Thursday’s withdrawal of the much lampooned STX Housing deal from Parliament, Dr Spio Garbrah suggested the issues that forced the government to pull the deal out of the legislature are evidence that a rather “poor job” was done by the people who worked on the agreement.

“If you hear that STX has been withdrawn from parliament and you are in London or New York, you feel sad because the President knows that when some of us were in cabinet, many of such projects that had question marks against them were halted right in the cabinet itself, they didn’t go to parliament and the same proposal would be submitted over and over again by the respective minister until cabinet was satisfied that the document itself could stand the test of time outside cabinet. But if for whatever reasons, some cabinet ministers are not bold enough to express their views or if they feel that if their views are contrary to others they may get terminated then you may get these kind of situations.” He said.

Dr Spio Garbrah’s reference to the withdrawal of the STX deal and his rhetorical question: “Is Sekou the most incompetent appointee in this government,” appears to give him away as suggesting a lot more appointees serving under John Mills should be out of job by now if non performance is indeed the reason behind Sekou’s dismissal.

“Of all the people that have been appointed by the Mills administration, is Dr. Nkrumah the most incompetent; is the board applying some criteria to him which may not be applied to other institutions of the same government? You need some across the board approaches in such situations…it’s unfortunate, especially since Dr. Nkrumah is being sacked in the year when we are celebrating his father’s centenary and achievements.” He bemoaned.


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