A start-up engineering firm, ABZ Automation has invented a device to help deal with water overflow in tanks.

Research indicates homes with wells connected to water tanks face a challenge with overflow due to challenges in regulating the water flow.
This results in water and electricity wastage.
The AutoX is a micro-controller-based system with sensors installed on the tanks to measure levels of water in the tank. The sensors are installed at the maximum level of the tank and the other at the pre-determined minimum level.

With the installed sensors, signals are sent to the micro-controller when the water in the tank hits the minimum level. Automatically, the micro-controller activates the pump to fill the tanks.

The same process occurs when the water hits the maximum level, turning off the pump automatically.
Leader of the group, Abdallah Mohammed Sanudeen explains the device has been useful to homes they have since been engaged.
“We have received positive feedback from clients. From the feedback, they are able to conserve some energy meaning our device is economical to use”, he said.

Start-up builds technology to deal with water overflow in tanks

The device has the ability to detect insufficient water in wells, it ceases to operate when wells drastically recede in water and starts automatically depending on the set time.
The technology emerged top at the National Acceleration Program Local Pitch held in Kumasi by the Kumasi Hive, in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab, and sponsorship from Mastercard Foundation.
Joe Akwah Link ventures, a start-up focused on printing was second in the contest.

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