Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong is the CEO of the Alliance for Christian Advocacy, Africa

A Former General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, has asserted that the current curricular being used in the basic and senior high schools comprise some subjects that excite students without developing the moral and spiritual aspects of their lives.

He argued that the country has prioritised Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education with little attention given to the development of the moral fibre of the society, which he says is setting the stage for the training of “intelligent criminals” for the country.

“Somebody should tell the Minister of Education that science and technology alone do not build a society. You give science and technology education without moral and spiritual values, you are producing intelligent criminals,” he stated.

Speaking on Joy FM‘s Second Christian Forum, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Alliance of Christian Advocacy-Africa stressed that most missionary schools are gradually losing their core duties of producing sought-after individuals in the society.

According to him, “that’s how we are having the kind of contracts our leaders are signing; that is why gradually we are pushing conduct and behaviour out of governance system and we don’t care.”

He mentioned that schools belonging to the church previously “had a philosophy that when you get a Ghanaian child, train the head, train the heart and train the hands.”

“Somebody must tell me the philosophy of education in this country beyond STEM. It is as if you give Ghanaian students Science, Technology and the new things they are talking about and you have solved every problem. I will tell you that education without moral and spiritual values, they are producing intelligent criminals and so far, I don’t know how many we have produced.”

In a message addressed to the Education Minister, Dr Opuni-Frimpong asked that the focus of education should be tailored towards the kind of knowledge which enhances moral formation.

He believes that will help to shape the products of various educational institutions by helping improve their morals.

Others on the panel included; the immediate past Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Church International, Bishop Samuel Noi Mensah and General Overseer, Solid Rock Chapel International, Rev. Dr. Christie Doh Tetteh.