Reggae/Dancehall musician, Stonebwoy has helped a level 400 university student settle his fees ahead of his graduation.

In a tweet by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) student, Stonebwoy is said to have supported him with GH¢1500.

Julius Mensah had first reached out to Stonebwoy in an initial tweet where he talked about a friend who was a die-hard fan of the BHIM Nation artiste. The friend, he said, was unable to pay his fees.

“I know a friend who always talk and get into arguments with us about Stonebwoy but he wasn’t able to pay for his fees and anytime he ask for help, the boys will be like go to Stonebwoy. The guy is really sick about Stonebwoy,” he wrote.

When Stonebwoy unexpectedly replied to the tweet asking who that friend was Julius Mensah came clean.

He said he did not know how to ask for help initially.

“It’s me myself. I didn’t know how to say it was me. I’m sorry @stonebwoy.”

Almost an hour after that, Stonebowy reposted the tweet stating that he has had a conversation with the young man who proved that his story was true.

“I was convinced it could be you. Anyway, you have proven your matter to be genuine. Our brother must graduate,” the Basawasaba musician wrote.

Stonebwoy then sent the student GH¢1500 to pay his fees so he could graduate.

When Julius Mensah thanked Stonebwoy for his benevolence, the musician urged him to focus on completing school.

He also urged Julius Mensah not to forget the people on the streets when he gets into a good position in the future.