The majority in parliament has accused the minority of fostering anxiety over the creation of additional seats in parliament when the Electoral Commission is only discharging its mandate.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, Majority Leader Cletus Avoka rejected allegations government is manipulating the EC in the creation of the constituencies.

He explained that the majority was only cooperating with the Commission to fulfil its constitutional duties.

Mr. Avoka also opposed calls by some civil society organizations for the EC to withdraw the CI, arguing that the EC has not complained about timing as well as logistics.

He urged civil society groups and all Ghanaians to embrace CI instead of opposing it as the opposition is calling for. According to him, Ghana will be enhancing the practice of good governance and participatory democracy when the new constituencies are created.

“We should not unnecessarily beat war drums when there is no semblance of war. I entreat all opinion leaders to be calling for peace, cooperation and unity of purpose between now and December elections and thereafter,”, he stressed.

The Majority Leader further described the development as unfortunate, since it has the potential of inciting the people against the government and the EC as well as undermining the EC’s integrity.

“We find this trend very unfortunate and indeed as it has the potential of inciting the people against the government and the Electoral Commission and ultimately undermining the integrity of the Electoral Commission to organize the 2012 elections successfully,” Mr. Avoka said.

In a related development, the Trades Union Congress (TUC) is asking the EC to suspend the holding of elections in the 45 yet-to-be legalized constituencies until after the 2012 elections.

In a communiqué, the Union explains that with the CI not in force barely two months to the elections, it is not practical to expect the EC and the political parties to confront and surmount the logistical challenges they are likely to be face.