Renowned poet and artiste manager, Kwame Agyemang Berko, known in Showbiz circles as Kwame Rasta has joined discussions about the level of patronage that Ghanaian musicians enjoy from locals.

Kwame Berko, speaking on Joy FM’s entertainment talk show, Showbiz A-Z, held the view that data from various digital streaming platforms do not properly represent what was happening on the grounds.

He was certain that Ghanaians were consuming more local music than foreign ones.

“I believe we have the numbers, but primarily we haven’t caught up with the new way of acquiring, paying for, and using music,” he said.

He explained that the majority of local music lovers were not signed up to streaming platforms which helps musicians with data on areas where their music was mainly being listened from.  

“The majority of the people on the street do not stream, they send the files from phone to phone,” he highlighted.

Kwame Rasta intimated that the reactions to songs at social gatherings such as weddings and funerals were better indicators that Ghanaians consume more local content than foreign ones in the area of music.

Discussions on the level of support Ghanaian musicians get from locals have come up strongly in recent times.

Rapper, Sarkodie, in an interview with Beats FM in Nigeria, said that Ghanaians do not cherish home-based musicians as they do for other international artists.

“Ghanaians do not really hold on to moments and cherish them but this topic is a bit dicey especially when it is coming from me,” he said.

Self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale has also made similar comments recently.

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