Zakaria Mohammed is President, Universities Senior Staff Association

Senior Staff of Universities across the country say they have reached a positive agreement with government and expect to call off their strike later today.

The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana have been on a strike for the past three weeks demanding better conditions of service.

But after a meeting with the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission and the National Labor Commission, the Association says it will hold further discussions with its national executive Council for its next steps.

“We will be speaking to the national executive council because our laws do not permit us to immediately disclose what will transpire until we communicate to the national executive council but I can tell you on authority that things have gone on well.”

“I think that we have had a fruitful discussion and everything has gone on well…There were agreements and the agreements have been taken in good faith and that going forward things will be managed better,” said Zakariah Mohammed, University of Ghana Chapter President of the Senior Staff Association.

Joy News in an interaction with the Headteacher of the University of Ghana Chapter President of the Senior Staff Association said the school deployed teachers to make sure teaching and learning continues.

“So what we did to stop that measure was to deploy certain category of teachers into the classrooms. We are using our teachers who belong to FUSAG, we are using class assistants (some category of staff that have Diploma in basic education), and we are also using National Service personnel who are with us and student-teachers because it’s really biting I mean its hitting.”

Some students of the UCC Basic School have been complaining about the impact of the strike on learning. 

“The strike has affected our teachers and some of them are not even coming to school so I will appeal to the government that they should try and stop the strike and pay them with their money so that we can resume learning,” one student

“The teachers have gone and as we are in the class, we are not doing anything, all we are doing is fooling and one day we will not get any job to do,” said another pupil of the UCC Basic School.

Even as this is set to end, JoyNews understands Technical University Teachers Association of Ghana (TUTAG) may also declare an industrial action over its conditions of service. The association is scheduled to address a news conference tomorrow.