Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF) has called on government to be a source of strength to the Green Ghana Project by positioning youth as drivers in Ghana’s Green Economy Agenda.

The Foundation believes that the youth should be at the centre of Ghana’s efforts in fighting climate change.

They have, therefore, called for a multi-stakeholder collaboration with the government and other corporate bodies to harness the potential of the Ghanaian youth in building a climate-resilient environment.

According to the group, the youth “have the most to lose from the impact of climate change,” therefore must “assume full responsibility for safeguarding the environment.”

They also want the youth to build partnerships and coalitions with other youth groups to undertake climate actions, including tree planting.

Sustain momentum of Green Ghana Project - Youth Bridge Foundation to government

The Foundation’s plea comes when the country marks its 180th day from the launch of the Green Ghana Project.

Meanwhile, Youth Bridge Foundation has commended government through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and Forestry Commission for implementing the Green Ghana Project.

They also lauded the teeming youth volunteers across several regions who joined in greening Ghana.

The Youth Bridge Foundation is an NGO focused on harnessing and developing the potentials of the youth in Ghana and across the African continent to become responsible citizenry in shaping world development.

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