From April 2020, industries within the public and private sectors in the West Africa, will receive assistance to develop strategies to conduct their businesses in a responsible and inclusive manner.

This follows the announcement of the establishment of Sustainable Square, a multinational advisory firm that delivers impact through redefined solutions in the field of social investment, sustainability and environment in Ghana.

In recent times, demand for transparency and sustainability by key stakeholders has engendered businesses in Ghana and East Africa, to search for solutions to implement positive future change in order to strengthen their social license to operate and continue creating long-term sustainable value.

The Accra office will serve as a Headquarter for the West Africa region and will be led by Mr. Henry Treku, a business expert with over a decade of experience driving business expansion within the sub-region.

Sustainable Square group was established in 2012 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and since its inception has aided the growth of clients while creating shared stakeholder value.

This feat was achieved through putting in place effective strategies, values and tools, reporting on progress or empowering stakeholders through capacity building and advisory approaches such as strategies, reports, and solving sector-based issues.

The group’s portfolio focuses on practices related to integration of responsible and sustainable practices including organisation’s ESG disclosure, responsible supply chain, human rights, social impact management and impact investing.

With offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Nairobi, and soon Accra, the group is serving clients in more than eight markets in the Middle East, India and East Africa.

Monaem Ben Lellahom and Eric Hensel, Founding Partners of the group, have expressed their optimism about Ghana and the West African markets and emphasised on Sustainable Square’s readiness to businesses, to take a leadership role and adopt a broader stakeholder inclusiveness journey, which incorporates sustainable and responsible practices at all levels of their operations.