Tarkwa-Nsuaem NPP Constituency executives have given a detailed account of circumstances that led to a fight between an MP, George Mireku Duker and Presidential Staffer, Charles Bissue.

In a statement signed by Constituency Secretary, Fuseini Amadu Rashid, he claimed that Mr Bissue attacked Mr Mireku Duker in the full glare of other party executives.

This follows a decision by Mr Duker to report constituency executives who allegedly supported independent candidates during the parliamentary primaries to the national executives.

Mr Bissue who was said to be unhappy about the accusation took offence and threatened to beat the Parliamentary candidate.

“In his desperation, however, he walked angrily and aggressively from the pulpit towards Mr Duker at his seat amidst the chant ‘you this boy, I will beat you today’.

“True to his word and to the amazement of the gathering, he pounced on Hon. Duker and started throwing punches,” part of the statement read.

It further indicated that, the MP was forced to defend himself and in the process was bitten by Mr. Bissue.

“The middle finger of Mr Duker landed in the waiting jaws of Mr Bissue and was severally bitten.”

The statement also accused the Western Regional Secretary of the NPP of trying to spin the story in his favour.

“It is important to state that this incident, though regrettable, happened at the full glare of the gathering”

“As a result, the attempt by Mr. Bissue to put a spin on it in the public space will worsen his already tainted reputation.

“We therefore respectfully advise Mr Bissue to retract and call his bloggers to order for his good and that of the party,” the statement said.