President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo Thursday described teachers as the backbone of Ghana’s economic and social progress, saying their invaluable contribution is making education reforms in Ghana successful.

He said teachers are important partners in the implementation of the Government’s flagship Free Senior High School programme, which sought to give every Ghanaian child quality education as a powerful agent of change, social stability and long-term driver of economic growth.

The President said this when he met the leadership of Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) at the Jubilee House, Accra.

The leadership of the Association was at the presidency to officially congratulate the President on his reelection and to inform him about activities lined up for the 90th Anniversary celebration of GNAT, which was launched last March.

They also tabled a number of requests for redress.

President Akufo-Addo thanked the Association for their support in the implementation of the Free SHS policy and commended teachers for their contribution to Ghana’s human resource development.

He lauded the leadership of the GNAT on the Association’s acquisition of the Sweden-Ghana Medical Centre at Ashalley Botwe in the Adentan Municipality, for the treatment of its members who are diagnosed with cancer as well as members of the general public.

The Association, which said it intended upgrading the Medical Centre with additional facilities and equipment, appealed to the President for a tax waiver on the importation of the equipment.

The President described “as a great decision” the move by GNAT to acquire the Sweden-Ghana Medical Centre, and pledged to activate the process for a tax waiver on the equipment.

He prayed Parliament would also grant the Association its wish since the equipment would be used to save lives.

Madam Phillipa Larson, National President of GNAT, who led the delegation, also appealed to the Government to help the Association complete the road leading to the a site they had acquired at Abankro, near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, to establish the Institute for Research and Industrial Relations Studies (IRIRS).

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