Mark Okraku Mantey

President of the Creative Arts Council Mark Okraku-Mantey has said the collaboration between American producer Teddy Riley and Highlife musician KiDi is a step in the right direction.

Teddy Riley in an interview on Hitz FM confirmed he was looking forward to working on new songs with the ‘Enjoyment’ hitmaker.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Kady, Mr Okraku Mantey said Teddy Riley chose the right artiste to begin his features with.

According to him, KiDi by DNA is an RnB singer and that could help build their motivation to work with more African artistes.

“He (KiDi) is not a Highlife person he has learnt it over the years but his call is RnB hip hop. So, the background with which Teddy Riley and his team are coming from it is only right they get someone like KiDi (make collaborations with) so the motivation gets better.”

Teddy Riley and his friends Jack Knight and Jaz O, together with their team are set to visit Africa for a ‘Taste of Africa’ tour.

However, the tour was have rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Okraku Mantey said that he was asked to be part of the board for ‘Taste of Africa’ tour – something he says could help build the industry.