Homosexuality has been dominating our airwaves for some time now especially for some weeks now.

We have a lot of opinions from religious leaders, human rights activists, anti-gay campaigners and some section of the public.

What we haven’t heard are the stories of gays and lesbians who are forced to live their lives in the shadows.

This story dives into the lifes of two homosexuals in Ghana; Vicker and Abeiku, to understand what their world looks like in the wake of public uproar to oust them.

Vicker is female but feels she is a man within whiles Abeiku is a male who believes he is a woman within so a gay-bottom.

Homosexual is not explicitly illegal in Ghana. However a law forbidding “unnatural carnal knowledge” can result in prison terms for homosexual couples. Moreover the Ghanaian society is hostile towards gays and lesbians.

The documentary starts airing tonight, Monday at 8.30 pm and Tuesday at 6.30 pm.