Three women, Grace, Abena, and Esi; who featured in JoyNews’ Hotline documentary ‘Twisted by Birth’ have successful undergone corrective surgeries which has changed their lives forever.

The documentary is about women who lived with Obstetric fistula.

Their lives were made meaningless; dignity stripped off and dreams shattered by the dehumanising medical condition. This condition made them lose voluntary control of urination and defecation.

Abena, Esi, Grace and Kuuka shared with JoyNews’ Beryl Ernestina Richter their heartfelt stories in the first part of the documentary which aired in June 2018.

“During those times, I wish I was dead so the suffering ends. In fact, if not for the children I would have killed myself. I was so serious about that,” said Abena.

Part 1 of ‘Twisted by Birth’

The impact of this severe child-birth injury was not only on these women but also their families. 

“My mother’s clothes get wet every day. When she goes to the market, she is turned away because of her condition. We are helpless. It worries us that my mother is unable to work because of the condition,” said Mary, one of the daughters of Esi in April 2018.

Beyond the social impact of the condition, there is also the economic impact.

“Things are very difficult for me. I sometimes have to beg for food. My mother can no longer support me because she has used all her money on my condition,” Grace said with tears rolling down her face at the time of filming part one. 

Many months after the documentary was aired, three of these women have been freed from their misery. The life-changing experience of these women is attributed to the successful surgeries they have undergone after the documentary was aired.

“The smell always brought houseflies all around me. But to the glory of God, that situation is over now because of the surgery. I can now walk with confidence and so much happiness.

“I thank God for delivering me out of this horrible and embarrassing situation,” said an elated Grace in an interview after her successful surgery.

Abena, Grace and Esi can now move on with their lives having been cured of the devastating medical condition. Their families can also be free from public degradation.

Mary’s prayer has been answered. She is hopeful her mother, Esi can now work to cater to their needs.

Watch the second part of ‘Twisted by Birth’ below.