The Member of Parliament for Ningo-Prampram has said the Black Stars are eroding the hope Ghanaians have in them to end the 40 trophyless years in the Africa Cup of Nations tournament.

This is a drastic change from his previous position.

Following the senior national team’s defeat by Morocco, Sam Nartey George said he was hopeful that the team would bounce back and beat Gabon to secure 3 points.

“Still, I want to believe. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. I want to hold on to hope. 2 more games to go! It is still possible to twinkle in Cameroon! Let’s go Black Stars!”

But after Ghana drew with Gabon on Friday, January 14, Mr Nartey, in his subsequent tweets, has expressed little or no optimism in the senior national team led by coach Milovan Rajevac.

According to him, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) must intervene because “this Milo has expired.”

“Black Stars make it soo hard to believe and keep hope. ‘Nanso’ we go support them make dem come house. If we support them to stay Yaounde and they are playing to come back to Osu, make dem pack bag come eh,” he added.

In his most recent tweet, the MP known as ‘Dzata’ was hesitant to make any elaborate comment on the current team.

He evaded the “hopeful speech” and rather spoke of how the former Black Stars team won the hearts of Ghanaians with their effort and spirit in spite of not being able to win trophies.

“See, this Black Star team may not have brought us any trophies, but they won our hearts with their effort, unity and spirit. As for the current team eh, you it is okay let me go and look for some waakye in my wife’s kitchen.”

Meanwhile, Ghana will, on Tuesday at 7:00pm local time, come up against Comoros.

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